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Auveco Item 22880 Ford Self-Piercing Rivet. Quantity 10

by Auveco
SKU 22880

Auveco Item 22880 Ford Self-Piercing Rivet. Quantity 10

Ford O.E.M. No. W717182-S900
Code** QC
F-150 Location Hinge Pillar
Overall Length* 10.00mm
I.D.* 3.15mm
Head Dia.* 7.80mm
Head Style Hollow
Unit Pkg. 10

*Specs are approximate and for identification only
**Refer to Ford Service Kit instructions as to the proper SPR for your application

  • Self-piercing rivets (SPR) join two or more pieces of material using a rivet without a pre-drilled hole.
  • Self-piercing rivets are a semi-tubular rivet driven at high force through the material layers to be joined, into a die which causes the tail of the rivet to flare out and form a joint.
  • The process requires no hole preparation and delivers high static strength similar to, or better than, spot welding. This process produces a fatigue resistant joint that is stronger than spot welding and less susceptible to corrosion.
  • The use of coated, lightweight and high-strength materials, such as galvanized or pre-painted steel and aluminum makes welding these materials difficult and often not possible.