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Auveco No. 19282 Vibration Proof Lock Washer 3/16" 5mm, Quantity - 25 PR

by Auveco
SKU 19282

Ships within 24 hours (M-F)

Product Information

Quantity: 50
Bolt Size: 3/16 in.
Finish: Zinc Flake
Material: Carbon Steel
Outer Diameter: 11/32 in.
Used With: Grade 5, Grade 8 & ASTM 574 High Grade Bolts
Made In: Sweden

Vibration Proof Lock WashersZinc Flake Coated
For use with Grade 5, Grade 8 & ASTM 574 High Grade Bolts.
These washers have cams or wedges on one side, a lead angle greater than a thread angle, and radial teeth or ribs on the other side. The washers are installed cam face to cam face. When tightening the fastener to preload, the teeth penetrate and seatagainst the joint material and the nut and/or fastener head. When subjected to vibration the interacting cams create a wedge action which prevents the fastener from vibrating loose.
Material: Carbon SteelHardness: Through Hardened: 465HVI