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Auveco No. 12986 Metric Thinsheet Nutsert M8-1.25, Quantity - 25

by Auveco
SKU 12986

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Product Information

Quantity: 25
Barrel Diameter: 12.67mm Max.
Class: Type 11, 3
Drill Size: 1/2 in.
Finish: Zinc
Flange Diameter: 13.72mm
Grip Range: 1.02mm - 5.08mm
Hole Size: 12.71mm - 12.80mm
Material: Steel
Overall Length: 18.29mm
Screw Size: M8-1.25
Made In: Taiwan

Threaded Inserts for Thin Material: The Auveco Thin Sheet Nutsert has been designed to provide a highly efficient method of securing threads from one side of the work, in materials generally too thin to support threads. Its performance has been proven in plastic, aluminum, mild steel and fiberglass. They can also withstand high loads without vibrating or loosening under extreme operating conditions. The Auveco Thin Sheet Nutsert is a tension fastener with high pull out, insuring no rotation or vibration where a cover plate is used. The system’s unique blind tooling installs TSNs at consistent rates using unskilled labor.

How it Works: The Thin Sheet Nutsert, held securely by the tool, is placed into a prepared hole. Upon the tool’s actuation, the threaded portion is pulled until the fastener’s wall collapses radially outward, clinching it tight against the sheet. The tool is withdrawn, leaving the Thin Sheet Nutsert ready to receive a bolt or screw. This complete operation takes only a few seconds and can be performed by anyone.

Strength Tests: Torque Strength: with an attaching part over the Thin Sheet Nutsert, offering a bearing surface, the TSN will remain intact past the point of the screw or bolt breaking (head torqued off). In almost all cases the threads of the TSN will remain undistorted and serviceable; an exception to this statement is when an extremely high tensile bolt is used.

Steel: 1010 Low Carbon Steel, Type 11 Class 3 with Zinc Plate, Clear Chromate

 Aluminum: Aluminum Alloy 5056, Plain Finish, Metric Class 6H, U.S. Class 2B

OEM Cross Reference

Clip Lizard: 30308
Disco: 13143PK
Shop Supplies: FN13143
W&E: 5943

California Prop 65

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium, which is known to the State of California to cause Reproductive Risk & Cancer. For more information go to