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Auveco No. 12093 Monobolt 1/4" Diameter .350/.625 Grip Steel, Quantity - 100

by Auveco
SKU 12093

Ships within 24 hours (M-F)

Product Information

Quantity: 100
Finish: Zinc
Flange Diameter: 0.515 in.
Flange Thickness: 0.100 in.
Grip Range: 0.350 in. - 0.625 in.
Hole Size: 0.261 in. - 0.272 in.
Mandrel Push-out: 250
Material: Steel Rivet - Steel Mandrel
Rivet Diameter: 1/4 in.
Rivet Length: 0.855 in.
Shear: 2400
Tensile Strength: 2,150 lbs.
Made In: USA

The System

Blind Installation: The single side installation feature of the Auveco Monobolt System allows one operator to produce high quality
structural joints in seconds. Use of the Monobolt power tool does not require special skill or training, because the tool completely controls the installation cycle.

Multi-Grip: One size Monobolt fastener will function effectively in a wide range of material thicknesses (Example: .080” to .375”). This versatility decreases the potential for production errors and reduces fastener inventory requirements.

Uniform Clamping Action: Monobolt fasteners are engineered to draw materials together by developing positive clamping action.

Its Advantages

Structural Fastening: An installed Monobolt fastener yields high shear and tensile values. Conventional fasteners can be replaced by Monobolt without compromising structural requirements.

Positive Stem Retention: At the completion of the installation cycle, the stem is mechanically locked into the Monobolt shell, creating a vibration proof joint of assured structural quality.

Flush Break Stem: Within the specific grip range for each size, Monobolt fastener, the stem is designed to break flush with the low profile head. Secondary finishing operations, such as grinding or milling, are not necessary to achieve good product appearance.

Complete Hole Fill: During installation, the Monobolt shell expands into 360° contact with the walls of the parent material. This feature, in conjunction with positive stem retention, produces weather resistant joints.

Quiet, Safe Installation: The Monobolt System, operating at 85db (“A” Weighted), complies with OSHA regulation governing plant noise levels and operator safety.

How It Works

1. The Monobolt fastener is loaded into the nose of the placing tool and inserted in a prepared hole. As the tool is actuated, the pulling jaws grip the Monobolt stem.

2. An axial pull draws the stem through the shell, expanding it radially. During this phase, the hole is completely filled and work pieces are drawn together.

3. When the stem reaches a pre-determined position within the Monobolt shell, it separates flush with the head profile regardless of work piece thickness. Simultaneously, the stem section remaining in the shell is mechanically locked in place by the Monobolt tool.